The Voice Collective are an original and dynamic group of singers based in Manchester. Their unique a cappella interpretations of pop, folk and soul songs have captivated audiences across the UK.

Whether they’re performing popular oldies or new takes on modern classics, these singers never fail to lift the spirit.

The Voice Collective are passionate about music and have a diverse repertoire of songs under their belt. Their exceptional vocal arrangements span many different genres and styles to satisfy everyone’s tastes. They are also collaborative artists, seizing opportunities to work with other local musicians and groups.

They released their debut album ‘Songs For Mavis’ on 29th November 2015, click here to buy.


The Voice Collective Are:

Soprano: Anna Zweck, Cathy Murphy, Claire Greenwood, Lucinda Potter.

Alto: Alice Wrigley, Alyss McBirney, Louise Johnston.

Tenor: Chris Walton, Jez Lloyd, Joe Stevenson.

Bass: Adam Birkett, Dan Jones, Justin Shearn, Tom Barber-Redmore.

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